Stefano Stanghellini

co-author of: "Misuse of safety Cases"

Stefano Stanghellini is an employee of ALSTOM since 1994 (when he joined SASIB); the first 5 years were devoted to RAM topics in the framework of High Speed lines in Italy. Later he served as Site Safety Officer in ALSTOM and as internal assessor for the application of the both internal ALSTOM safety processes and management and for the compliance with the lifecycle defined in the CENELEC Standard EN 50126 for both the development of products and deployment of projects. Since 2012 Stefano has been part of Alstom’s Fjernbane East Infrastructure project in Denmark as Safety manager onshore (in Denmark) and with direct responsibility for the safety aspects at system level. Since 2014 he has been the safety manager offshore (in Italy).