Maarten Bartholomeus


Maarten is the author of "No barriers for level crossings with ERTMS" and co-author of "ETCS Hybrid Level 3: a simulation-based impact assessment for the Dutch railway network"
Maarten Bartholomeus is working as ERTMS expert within the Dutch Inframanager ProRail since 2007. He has twenty years of experience in ERTMS and has worked in several railway projects as engineer, consultant, project manager and assessor. Maarten has a master degree in Physics.As ERTMS expert Maarten is responsible for the Dutch ERTMS engineering rules, ERTMS project specifications and ERTMS user processes. Maarten actively cooperates with the ERTMS User Group and the European Railway Agency in establishing specifications and guidelines for ERTMS. Maarten is one of the founders of the Hybrid Level 3 concept and co-author of the Hybrid Level 3 principles.