Jan Hoogenraad

Jan Hoogenraad 250px

Jan is the author of "Arrival time robustness of eco-driving strategies under two ATP systems"
Jan Hoogenraad, AMIRSE, is the company director and owner of the Dutch consultancy firm for mobility and transport, Spoorgloren BV. Jan has a Ph.D. in Physics, He has an extensive knowledge of, and experience within the railroad sector. He has supported, and advised management amongst other things on energy usage, transport losses, train occupancy, eco-stabling, and on the pedestrian transfer function of stations.
Jan worked as a program manager, change manager and as a test and quality manager. For NS, Jan has organized and monitored eco-driving and eco-stabling programs. For the ERTMS pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht, Jan has helped to create and manage the research program. Jan has participated in the development of ATO over ETCS. Jan has developed the Dutch RolTijd Driver Advisory system, and laid the foundation for UIC IRS 90940: the standard for DAS data exchange.