Eylem Thron

Ricardo Rail
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Dr. Eylem Thron is the author of "Evaluating the impact of cyber security and safety with human factors in rail"
Eylem is a Senior Consultant at Ricardo Rail with 10 years’ experience in the application of human factors (HF) and design expertise within the rail, highways and defence industries. Her experience includes providing HF support across the concept, design, and implementation phases of projects, including application of ‘persons with reduced mobility’ (PRM) design principles to rolling stock and infrastructure; Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Human Computer Interface (HCI) design and assessment; HF guidance and design of National Traffic Information System (NTIS) and design and development of next generation user interfaces for armed forces (land and air).
Eylem has a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering and PhD in HCI (Engineering) from University of Kent and is currently undertaking an MSc in Ergonomics at Loughborough University. She is also a visiting fellow in HF at Bournemouth University, with an interest in cyber security issues in the rail sector.