Bob Janssen

Siemens Netherlands

Bob is the author of "Bringing a legacy interlocking to the era of IoT" and "How the EULYNX data prep standard can improve railway robustness"
In 1989 I graduated from TU Delft with an engineering degree in geodesy. After military service, I did a PhD at Strasbourg University in France in geophysics, focusing on numerical modelling of plate tectonics. After that I moved to Leeds for a post-doc in marine geophysics.My career in the rail industry started in earnest in 1998 in Stuttgart and Berlin with Alcatel, later Thales, developing ETCS onboard units in a joint venture with Siemens. In 2001, i joined Matra in Paris, developing Moving Block CBTC systems using formal methods. When Siemens bought the business I got the opportunity to pursue my career, after a short intermezzo in Braunschweig, on-site testing and debugging the ETCS Level 2 systems on HSL Zuid in the Low Countries. I staid in the Netherlands and joined Siemens NL supporting sales of signalling and ETCS systems. In a later, parallel, development I contributed my knowledge of European signalling systems towards developing an interlocking schema for railML. Since early 2018, I've been contributing to the EULYNX data preparation cluster, an effort to create a European standards for data exchange between signalling industry and infrastructure managers. I'm married and have two teen-age daughters.